17 December 2007

Water You Doing?

It's a funny thing to stay up late working on projects on a Saturday night, finally decide to go to bed at 1 AM, start to put on one's pajamas, only to wonder why one just stepped in a puddle in the middle of one's floor. It's funnier still to look around confused until discovering that water is coming down the wall from the ceiling and bubbles are quickly forming in the wallpaper.

The good news: the water stopped pretty soon after that and my roommate has made some calls for me.

The bad news: apparently this has happened in this room before (the neighbors upstairs have a broken washing machine), my room is moist, my newly-washed clothes took four days to dry because of the moistness of the room, repairmen are supposed to come "some time" (meaning once I've gotten used to smelling like mildew), the wallpaper is cracked in several places, trying to dry it out by keeping the window open in -3 degree (Celsius) weather makes me freeze all the time, and my friend let me know today that it could be unhealthy to sleep in here as mold might grow (he suggested getting some anti-mold paint).

P.S. I often wonder when the drills start shaking my room in the morning if there is asbestos being shaken down all over everything. Things are dusty, so the question is, "What's in that plaster?" I'm sure breathing moist asbestos is also quite good for me.

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