01 December 2007


We finally had our Thanksgiving dinner in Gaithein, the town where Heather lives. I thought it would be a simple affair, but Heather went all out. She even talked to a nearby farmer and had him kill a turkey for us.

The stuffing turned out great, thanks Mom! I even got one comment from an American who said, "I have to admit, your stuffing is better than my mom's."

It was so funny to see the cultural differences. First of all, the Germans didn't know what stuffing was and they thought the sweet potatoes were for dessert. Once we were all seated, I looked around to find that only the Americans had gravy in their potatoes. Everyone else had it in random places. The Germans had no idea what to do with the cranberry sauce. Truthfully, I don't think Americans know either. I put it on a roll and ate it. It was funny to see the reactions when eating it. I think they thought it would be sweet.

After dinner, Lisa, Markus, and I went for a walk through Gaithein. We had to laugh at the Christmas market that only had seven booths and the fact that we saw maybe three cars the whole time.

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  1. How cool that you were able to put together a Thanksgiving Feast in Germany! That you were even able to find Cranberry Sauce and Sweet Potatoes! And I'm jealous you got to go to a Christkindlmärkte, even if it was small :)