03 December 2007


I got sick last night on the way to Groitzsch. It came on fast, and with all the best symptoms: nausea, head pain, sore throat, chills, no energy. Although I lay dead in the car, I couldn't help laughing when I learned the words for "throw up." The first one literally means "give over" and the other is a form of the verb "break." And, I even kept my eyes open enough to capture this treasure for Dad:

I guess there's more than one Ute fan in Germany.

I've been lucky in that I've been pampered ever since. Markus helped me get home and into bed, and he even asked my roommates for some tea, some aspirin, and to check up on me. Luckily today is deis academicus, and I don't have classes. Unluckily, I have so much to do and no energy to do it.

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