08 December 2007

Quotations to Ponder

I found these two quotations to be quite awesome. One comes from an article I read for a class (I'll check for the source later), another from something written by a guy who was shot and killed in the last week.

“When people say that they do not read fiction because it is not about real life, they deny themselves access to imagined parallel worlds in which readers can vicariously encounter the intimate lives of characters who are unlike themselves but are very much like real people. Rejecting opportunities to discover so much about humanity so efficiently is a tragic loss.” -Emory Elliott

“... it is my responsibility as a lover of fiction to be an active member in my community and world. In the case of many writers, this activity takes shape in politics and action. Here I must again admit my shortcomings. My heart is much more drawn to the individual, rather than the population. I suppose this is again representative of my world view. I believe in individual and personal civil service. I hope to remain humble, and to emulate the example of the servant, Jesus Christ. I do not wish this for myself in order to gain respect, admiration, or a ticket stub that certifies my entrance to heaven. On the contrary, I don’t believe I can earn such grace or mercy. But in striving to live my life as a servant, I pray that God will bless me with the wisdom to suffer the intolerance of my sin, and the ability to strengthen my love for Him and His creation. If in the act of service, I continue to gain ideas, experience conflicts, empathize with characters, benefit my fellow man and take notes, I will consider myself worthy to be called a writer.” -Jason Wenger

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