01 November 2007

Words Work

This Sunday was one of those days where it was a little bit hard to rest because I knew how many things I had to do (my own fault, I spent a whole day at the zoo).

Homework wasn't the only problem. Monday night I received a call about the work I was supposed to be doing and discovered the project was a lot bigger than I thought. I had 2,643 words in 4004 sentences to check for different forms, spelling, etc.

My Halloween/Reformation Day was not spent dressing up or celebrating emerging religious freedoms during the Dark Ages. No, I gave up these activities to spend the entire day editing. You might even say I pulled a Family History Library. I was pretty good at not allowing myself to check my email or chat during all those hours, but I lost in the candy category. Maybe it was because it was Halloween, but I think it was just the fact that I was bored out of my gourd (seasonally fitting). I think I ate everything that resembled chocolate in the near vicinity.

I figured out that it took me about ten minutes to do forty words if I focused, but who can focus after four hours of focusing? I went way over hours, going to bed late and waking up at 4:30 for two days. I tried to email a girl I work with about not being allowed to do that and if I should stop, but I received no reply, so I hope it's alright if those hours are for next week. She should be glad it was a holiday, otherwise there'd be no way I could have finished.

Matching up with the complaint of my professor last week (that teaching British English is ridiculous because it hasn't been the international business language for at least ten years), I had to fix so many spellings to be the British style that I have to think twice about how to spell "organise" or "recognise." I'm ready for a nap (too bad, I've got to go to school). I'll go to bed early tonight.

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  1. So after 7 months of distractions, the old Michelle resurfaces, working crazy hours and starving herself of nutrition and sleep. Welcome back! How does it feel?