22 November 2007

Hit the Turkey With Your Purse (Literally)

For all those people celebrating Thanksgiving today (and happy birthday to my sister Amy), here is something I enjoyed:

Wild Turkeys' Lurking Puts Boston Area on Edge

Turkeys on the Lam
October 24, 2007 · Wild turkeys have begun roaming the streets of Massachusetts towns, from Plymouth to Concord and even parts of Boston. The birds get up to 4 feet tall, weigh about 20 pounds — and they bite.

A picture from Tuesday's Boston Globe shows a turkey strutting it's stuff down the sidewalk on Brookline's busy Beacon Street.

Animal Control Officer Pierre Verrier has been fielding the harrowing calls coming into the Brookline police station over the past few months. His advice for someone facing a turkey attack? "Try to hit the turkey with your purse or something — make it move away from you."

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