05 November 2007


My to-do list has included "Gardinen" for some time now. I knew that the old roommate would be coming to get her curtains eventually. It didn't happen when she said it would, but it was always kind of on my mind . . .

Friday, Sister Werner gave me curtains. I thought it would be perfect since the old roommate's curtains were clipped onto a wire between the two walls, so I could just clip the new one. However, I arrived home that very day to see that the window was bare and the wire was gone. Never mind that the wire connectors are still sticking out of the wall. Two notes about this curtain: I don't understand why Germans have all these billowy, lacy curtains. Isn't the point of curtains to close the room to the light and the room to peeping toms? Secondly, they are definitely not what I would choose and they aren't the right size, but you know how I am about free things. So, being the necessarily innovative gal that I am, I artfully shoved the top of the curtain into the open window, closed it tight, and there it hangs, accomplishing nothing as far as I can see. (I've resorted to dressing and undressing in the dark or in the bathroom. Too many windows face mine.) Maybe I'll just follow the example of some awesome parents I know and push pins through a sheet into the wall . . .


  1. One of my college friends taped newspapers to the windows because she didn't want to buy curtains. It looked bad, especially after a year when they turned yellow with age. But it served the purpose of providing privacy and being cost effective!

  2. hey! i really enjoy having that blue plaid blanket push-pinned into our wall! it serves its purpose amazingly well. watching movies are great because no light gets in to interrupt my visual experience! yippee!!!!