04 November 2007

Colder Weather

I still have not bought a coat. My friend Markus went with me to try to find one. We got no where as I am the worst buyer. First I can't decide what I want. Then it takes me forever to decide I really need to spend the money. If I even get that far, I bring the item home and let it sit there for a few weeks while I contemplate bringing it back. I've always wanted one of those really classy peacoats, but four things throw me off: the price, the fact that they probably aren't that waterproof, the wool (it makes me sneeze), and the fact that I don't know how warm they really are.

Sister Werner tried to talk me into taking her real fur coat. I tried it on and marveled that there was some kind of dead animal's skin around my neck. That's not why I said no, though, it just was too fancy for me . . . she told me that her grandkids had said no but they didn't realize that it was back in. I did end up taking a long Princess-y sort of jacket that is red, and she gave me a lovely hat that goes pretty well with what I call my "Oma Jacke." So far I've been compared with a conductor and a Russian. Please notice the beautiful trees in the background. Yep, that's how flat Leipzig is. It's beautiful, though, isn't it?

It's getting colder. Layering my shades, my zip-ups, my jacket, and my secondhand Grandma jacket isn't as effective as it was . . . I'm trying again on Thursday. This time my friend Christian is going to go with me, after we get some curry wurst. Christian has also convinced me to go to Burger King's all-you-can-eat tomorrow.

I am glad to report that I made a great investment in some beautiful red gloves. They have a cute sweater-y design and soft material inside. Unfortunately, they lasted for about 30 hours. Or, one of them did before it got lost somewhere between the RIZ and my apartment building.
So now I'm the preppy version of Michael Jackson. I wore the remaining glove on the wrong hand today so I could shake people's hands while I did OYMs (Open Your Mouths) with the elders.