21 October 2007

Texan German

On each of the trams (I have to remember to distinguish between trains and trams or people get confused), there are TVs with little commericals, video tips, and public transportation information. The last few days, I have found it hilarious to watch a film where a man goes to look out the window of a tram and can't see because there's vandalism. He tries cleaning his glasses but still sees the vandalism, so he gets out his cell phone and calls the appropriate authorities. The reason I find this so funny is that the man is the least-German looking man I've ever seen. He has bushy hair and big glasses, not to mention his enormous handlebar mustache that comes straight out of the heart of Texas. Ha ha ha. I can just imagine, "Ha therrr! Ah'm callin tuh rePORT sum VANdalism on the train winder."

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