11 October 2007


A year ago, my main email address that I used during college stopped receiving or sending emails. I was at least glad that I still had the addresses and old emails and so I started using my new address, wondering how many messages I was missing out on. Even the old website disappeared and I had to dig around the internet until I found out how to connect. You'd think during all of this the website would have had some kind of message . . . I kept intending to archive old messages in a Word document or something, but I didn't get around to it. Now they're all gone. In one way, I'm glad that they're gone because how often do we really look back at things like that? Maybe it would be good if two or three or my other email addresses went in the same direction. I don't need to keep old love letters and old assignments, do I? However, the sentimental side of me is a little sad. Oh well. Less used-up megabytes!

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