26 October 2007

Leipzig Zoo

After seeing my nephew James have so much fun with many different kinds of animals, I decided it was high time I have some adventures with the great animal kingdom myself. Besides, from what I've heard, the Leipzig zoo has many boasting rights. Since I was free as a bird today (okay, as free as a bird who ignores the fact that it has lots of homework to do), my friend Markus and I met up at the zoo and explored every region. The fall weather gave us some good fortune: Markus said he'd never seen the zoo with so few people. I marveled at the fall colors. We fed birds from our hands, hugged goats, climbed all over kid play plazas, waltzed with the giraffes, learned how to make a noise by blowing on a leaf, chased peacocks, tried to keep our hands warm, and I got hours of German practice.

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