28 October 2007

Goodbye Hello

The purpose of this blog is to say an official goodbye to a wonderful new friend of mine who has decided to move into other endeavors. Vilja, I have greatly enjoyed seeing you in class every day, talking to you about all sorts of things, joking around, and chatting online. I have been impressed with your business savvy and your knowledge of English. This blog does not mean that we won't see each other again or stay in touch. I hope we will be spending some time together still while you are in Germany and in the future we can meet up somewhere around this crazy world we like to call home.

I guess this blog has a double purpose, I also need to welcome my new friend, the cold. I don't get sick, I don't have time for it. Somehow it happened anyway, so here I sit eating marmalade and cinnamon mixed into rice because I wanted something warm for breakfast. Can you really get a cold from being out in the cold?

1 comment:

  1. Michelle, you're a sweet girl :)

    Let's keep in touch and come see me in Finland!