16 October 2007


Food just calls my name from every corner. Today I went to a free breakfast that started at 9, went to class at 9:15, and went back for more food after class at 10:45, taking some with me for dinner. My friend Vilja came along with me. She mentioned that she finds it hilarious that I can eat so much.

I think there's this subconscious part of me that is afraid I will end up starving here, so whenever people offer me food, I just eat and eat and eat until it hurts. I'm like an addict. I take all I can get. I even hoard food in the cupboard in my room. It's all going to catch up to me some day. Vilja said that once it does, it won't be cute anymore, because seeing a 200-pound person looking for free food and gorging is not cute. You'd think the running and football would be curbing my appetite, because the hypothalamus should be stimulated, right? I guess it's not appetite that's motivating me, though. It's that fear of starving.


  1. I had that same syndrome my first year at college. Something about living away from home and realizing that I was solely responsible for all my food intake made me do crazy stuff like join clubs just for the refreshments after the meetings and clean up after church functions just so I could take home the leftovers. We must be sisters.

  2. That is so funny. The freshman 15 has a reason . . . :)