19 October 2007


Today my friend Bryan bought me lunch at a bakery. He bought a cookie-looking thing called an "Amerikaner." Every time I've seen these, I've wondered why they were called that. At first I thought they were trying to make something similar to American cookies and that they failed big-time. (The icing is stiff and sugary on the top, and the inside is more like cake.) Bryan told me the real reason today. After the war when the people were starving, they asked America to bring over some food for them. Soon cakes were falling from planes. (I don't know if you've heard the other story about "gifts from America" where they wouldn't eat the food because "gift" means "poison.") The cakes were flattened by the impact of the fall, so they had a round top. Of course, being hungry, they just put some sugar on the top and ate them.

Sebastian brought me to get a mattress. I paid 24.50, not bad.

I should have fasted all day: Schwester Werner is feeding me dinner.

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