05 September 2007

Wednesday 5 September

I had breakfast and headed out to the Tower of London. Following Amy’s advice, I took the audio tour but just missed the beefeater tour (that's where a yeoman or fancy soldier dude takes you around). The crown jewels were really cool. The funny thing to me is that it would have been just as nifty if the jewels had been made of glass. Sorry everybody, if that’s an insult to the queen, I didn’t mean it! I saw the steps where Queen Elizabeth sat down as she was being transferred to the prison by her cousin. She refused to go farther, saying she was no traitor to her country. After maneuvering my way through the armory full of impolite German students who wouldn't let me try my hand at the bow and arrow, I went into the All Hallows church, the bookstore where I bought Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight (Ellie and Allison got to me). St. James’s church, the National Portrait Gallery which I really enjoyed, and Leicester Square (pronounced “Lester”) to buy discount Broadway tickets. I had pretty good seats for the matinee of Les Mis. I really enjoyed the show and I totally understood the story. I think the politics should be covered a little bit more, though. I know the government must be a bit over the top since Jean Val Jean served 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread, but that’s the only thing the viewer ever really hears about why they should put up a barricade and die. I then headed back to Tooting, stopping by the Sainsbury’s to pick up some oranges and some chocolate cream puff thingies. What do they call them? I think they’re profiteroles. Alana and I ate a few while we read: she, a magazine about current events around town, I, Twilight. Emily, another housemate of Alan’s, told us the story of her broken elbow while we washed the dishes. Suki was still gone, so I got her bed again.

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