12 September 2007

We Brought It to the Tip

Today I will be meeting up with my brother-in-law to go to lunch at Google London. Yayyayayy! Yesterday we played some football with the girls again (who invited me back to play "any time"), bought some punjab sweet meats for pudding, did some laundry, played some tennis, and made some pizza. The highlight of the day was me getting bored and annoyed with the dirty front "yard" (it's like 3 feet by 7 feet of cement in front of Alana's window). Apparently some workers next door started throwing their stuff into the yard and then passers-by took up the habit and no one has gotten around to doing anything about it. I started bagging things and found numerous nasty spiders. Eventually Jo's friend, Alana, and Shuji took up the cause. We brought many bags of garbage (including random things like an old chair, rotten carpet, and some boards) to the "tip." I asked why it's called that and received the reply, "Because that's where you tip your garbage." I guess that works with "dumpster" too. The yard is looking much better, even the Muslims next door commented on it. It won't be perfect until the bin men pick up the rest of the garbage on Monday, but wowee, I should have taken a picture.

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