09 September 2007

The True Church

Alana asked me if she could go to church with me. That made it quite easy. Since we couldn't find a skirt for her, she ended up wearing my black one, and I wore the white one that was in need of a slip (somehow I moved it out of my suitcase before leaving Salt Lake, whoops). I just kept my legs together and myself against things that were not windows or lights . . .

Anyway, I told her a lot about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and other things I could think of, like the sacrament. I'm not sure what she thought about the whole thing, I prayed that she would feel the Spirit.

Half the Mitcham ward is made up of wonderful people from Ghana, even the bishop. People immediately asked Alana and I if we were BYU students, which we found strange. Then the real BYU students walked in and we found out that each ward is given a few of the BYU London program students. One of them knows Jeff and Tiffany . . . Bethany Pinnock! I went to school with her sister, Jessica. Wow. Alana couldn't believe all the random people I meet. The same thing happened in Boston with the missionaries.

I was grateful when one of the men shook our hands and asked Alana if she'd like to talk to the missionaries. We gave the elders her number so the elders in her boundaries could call. She is wonderful and I would love for her to know the Gospel, my friends, and my family. I hope she can visit Salt Lake with me some time.

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