09 September 2007

Traveling and Books

Of course I waited too long to buy tickets to Germany. I'm not sure now why I didn't buy them before . . .

It looks like Friday I will be taking a nineteen-hour bus ride to Leipzig . . . Good thing I bought some books!

Twilight was better than I first said, but I still argue that much of the cheesy, girly stuff could go. I'm not sure I'll read the other two. I definitely will not buy them. Alana is keeping Twilight.

We stopped by the biggest Waterstone's in London and I couldn't help but gather books. I had about eight in my hands when reality set in. I bought four: Forever in Blue: the Fourth Summerhood of the Pants, A Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde), The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories (Gilman), and another I can't remember at the moment. Let me just say that they will fit in my suitcase and they were on sale. Let me also say that I have enjoyed Dorian Gray immensely, even though nothing has even really happened yet. I even started over to underline and write notes all over it. I wish I could study it at Uni! All the contradictions are superb.

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  1. I've wanted to read The Picture of Dorian Grey! How exciting. Oh, and being in London while reading it is exciting too, I guess. ;)