20 September 2007

Something's Fishy

My friend Francy is an amazing cook. I can tell because she kicks people out of the kitchen while she's cooking. I can also tell because the other night she threw together a bunch of vegetables and somehow this amazing-tasting mixture came to be.

So when she said we were having smoked salmon for dinner tonight, I was excited to see what fancy new thing she'd come up with. To my great astonishment, she brought out a basket of toast, some Miracle Whip (yes, it's even called that here), and raw salmon. Whoa, there! This coming from a girl who threw away some chicken after we'd had it in the fridge for two days because she was worried about it being too old? Whatever happened to being worried about meat not being cooked? As usual, the adventurous and logical sides of me kicked in. After all, I'm in another country, I should do as the Germans do. And it's not like I haven't had raw salmon in sushi restaurants. So I spread the Miracle Whip and went for it.

Give some kudos to the Deutsch. They don't disguise the fishy taste with rice and nori and ginger and soy sauce. When someone says, "Raw meat," I will never again think only of the Japanese.

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