13 September 2007

Photos and Comments

This is the room where Darwin presented his theory. Cool.

Closed for sightseeing or closed for sightseeing? I don't understand . . .
Closed from sightseeing?

Suki, Emily, and Alana on the tube.

Chihuly at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The old guy we asked didn't know how to use a digital camera . . . there was no picture when he handed it back the second time. So, we had to stop a kid.

Me high-fiving a skeleton at the Old Operating Theatre.

Tower Bridge, the prettiest bridge in London, in my opinion.

Here is a statue of Moses. Alana and Shuji thought he was holding a laptop. I explained that they were the ten commandments and they said, "Maybe he kept the commandments on his laptop."

This is the picture we got after asking another tourist to take a picture of us in front of Buckingham Palace. Where's the palace? You never can trust those tourists . . . Look! There it isn't!

This is a display at the British Museum of all the pills taken in a lifetime. It is called Cradle to Grave by Phamacopoeia.

This is Alana and I being typical tourists at Trafalgar Square. Notice the jazzy.

The wrought-iron section of the Victoria and Albert Museum made me think of what a shame it is that Aunt Cari couldn't put those nice ballisters on her stairway . . . there's got to be a way! Don't settle for less!

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