10 September 2007

Monday 10 September 2007


The Japanese Embassy (Shuji needed a new passport)
The Japanese Center (we got sushi and those chewy candies Tanya introduced me to)
The Victoria and Albert Museum (Alana said that the tablets Moses was holding looked like a laptop)
The oustide of the Courtauld Gallery (I heard it was free on Monday, but only until 2 and it was 2:40 when we arrived)
The British Museum where the Rosetta Stone is
Fall asleep while Alana plays the guitar and our feet protest being alive
Japanese dinner made by Shuji (Alana's friend who is also in town)
More cake with cream and strawberries (they can't believe I add icing sugar-that's powdered sugar in our language-the cream tastes sweet, imagine that!)
Buy an expensive overnight bus ticket to Leipzig
Schedule an appointment with the missionaries for tomorrow
Schedule lunch with my brother-in-law on Wednesday

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