13 September 2007

Missionary Work

The missionaries came and taught Alana. Shuji was there too, which was great. I don't think Alana will do anything with what she learned, at least not any time soon. The seed has been planted and maybe she'll feel like she needs the mysterious "something else" in a few years. I hope she at least reads and prays like she said she would and that she was touched in some way. I couldn't help noticing that the missionaries were scruffy . . . Jeff said, "too bad that they are disobedient and didnt shave. That is a daily thing. rookies." Despite that, I thought they did a wonderful job and I really hoped that Alana would feel the truth of their words as I did. I was glad that I got to bear my own testimony of a few subjects. It was really cool to see the missionaries in action, and less awkward than I thought.

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