28 September 2007

Massive Denkmal

One might say that I went on my second date in Germany today. Sebastian was kind enough to walk around and tell me about Leipzig's history. He even patiently explained the German I didn't understand. At one point during the day, we saw the dot the Stasi put on a map to signify that the Mormon church should be watched. The most impressive place by far was the Denkmal (literally meaning "think again"), a monument to a huge battle fought by many parties (including Napoleonic, Saxon, and Russian forces) outside of Leipzig in 1813.

Everything there is so massive (to use the word I heard a lot in England) to the point that I thought of Lord of the Rings landscapes . Even Hitler recognized the use of such a mighty place and gave speeches from there (though the monument was against war). We went up every last step to the top, which is a height of 91 meters. The surrounding view, with the rain, fog, and changing tree colors was breathtaking. Despite the rain and the fact that I had nothing to do and kept making Sebastian's day longer, I'd say the date was a success.

Sorry about the sideways picture. I still haven't figured that one out.

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  1. That looks gorgeous (the landscape that is;))! I can't wait to visit you!