17 September 2007


The first and only apartment I have looked at so far is the definition of funky. Even the people were really cool. I don't know how to explain how cool it is. I should have taken pictures. Maybe it will give you an idea if I tell you that I knew this would be a place that Scott would LOVE. There are six really cool people living there already, one is even a poet. The room I would get has two green walls. It's located in an older building, but the renters have decorated it with strung lights, crazy colors, magazine cutouts, etc. They have a cleaning schedule and a monthly fee to buy the basic foods for everyone (eggs, milk, bread, potatoes). One guy showed me his room which has a really high ceiling. Someone before him built a bed high up against the ceiling with a ladder leading to it. He showed us where he had fallen out one night and kicked a hole in his desk. (Whoopsy.)

The only downsides I could see were:

1. There's not really a common area besides the kitchen and the hall.
2. One of the girls smokes, but she only lives there two weeks out of each month and she will not smoke around you if you ask. (I couldn't smell it at all, but she wasn't there.)
3. I'd have to buy all the furniture, but that's normal in Germany.

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