27 September 2007

Döner Macht Schöner

I guess you could say that today I went on my first date in Germany. I didn't know it was going to be a date. I got there and he paid for me and said that he would have taken me to a movie too until he found out about the baptism tonight. Mike, a young single adult well known for his love of döners and all food in general (last week he told me that the superlatives for big go like this: "big, bigger, and Mike"), bought me a döner. Then he proceeded to tell me about a scripture he had altered to include döners (man is that he might have döners or something like that), his email address which was dönersschmecktgut (but not really, he was just joking), and his motto, "Döner macht schöner," or "Döners make more beautiful" (in German it rhymes). I love döners too! I had the guy add feta to mine and it was fabulous! All in all, Mike is fun to be around although a bit hard to understand (he speaks so fast).


  1. hey michelle! this is amanda chamberlain. my mom gave me your blog site and i read this and just had to say i LOVE doners!!! they had them all over the place in spain and i miss them soooo much now! oh europe... they don't have brownies or good mexican food, but the doners pretty much make up for it. i hope you're having an awesome time in germany!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I will eat a Döner in Berlin this week just for you!