17 September 2007

Chocolate Spread and Laminat

I thought, while eating Belgian chocolate spread in England, that I just couldn't remember how good Nutella was. But now that I've had Nutella again, I have to say that England has you beat with a non-name brand chocolate spread at Sainsbury's. Wow, that stuff is good. Not that I don't like Nutella. I'm still a big fan, in fact. Maybe it's a good thing that Nutella tastes more nutty, it makes me stop eating so much of it whereas with the British stuff, I could eat and lick and eat and lick . . .

Another cool thing I've discovered in London and Leipzig is something that is called "Laminat" in German. They have floors that look like they're made of wood, but they're not. In fact, they're squishy! What could I compare them to? Perhaps like walking on rubber but it's as smooth as wood. That way, you don't have to worry as much about scratches and polishing, it doesn't hurt to fall on it, and you can still easily sweep up a mess. Ganz toll! (That one was for you Lena.)

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