18 September 2007

All Tired Out Already

I just measured today's walk on my map using a folded-up 10 Euro bill. Pretty sure I walked 16 kilometers. That's 9.94 miles. And it's only noon. And I have accomplished nothing, besides tiredness and wetness since it's raining outside. The Rathaus told me to go to the Referat. I went to the Referat, they were closed. I went back and they told me I needed enrollment papers, proof of a local bank account, and insurance. I went to the insurance place, and I have to have enrollment papers and an address. I went to see an apartment that was nothing special and it took forever because I walked: I can't buy a transportation pass until I have a student card. I can't get a student card until I have a student number. I can't get a student number until enrollment. I still have two apartments to see, institute to attend, and Hairspray to watch. I need a bike and something to hit my head on. Maybe the bike.

On a lighter side, after leaving the nothing-special apartment, I stopped in at a doener shop to treat myself to some lunch as I was ravenous. The man in there was quite friendly and told me he knew some people who had free flats and that I could call him later tonight to get the info. He also refused me money, sending me on my way with a warm doener and his card.


  1. that guy sounds creepy. keep walking, sister.

  2. I agree! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! XOXOXO

  3. Did you guys think I meant "free" as in "at no cost"? Cause I didn't mean that.