24 August 2007

Sailing Right Along

So here's a bit of frustration for you (to go along with the sideways picture thingy): if I walk any more I will die, and my memory card has been acting like it's full (even though it only has three pictures on it and it's a gig) so that I missed the sailing of the USS Constitution! (It won't be going out for a long, long time now. Of course, I was lucky that it even was sailing when I got there.) I erased a picture so I could take one for it, and the guy I handed my camera to obviously sucks at taking pictures (who takes a portrait picture when there's a historic ship behind you!?!?!?), but he was next to me the whole time, so what could I do?

I walked the whole Freedom Trail today. People who say it takes a whole day are smokin somethin.

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