30 August 2007

The Rest of Boston

How can I even sum up the rest of Boston since I last posted? It was awesome enough that I didn't have time to post. I'll post pictures later. I have no power at the moment. I'll explain later.

Saturday, I went to the Fogg Museum at Harvard for free (before 12). This security guard kept following me around and telling me things I was doing wrong (I hadn't been given my photo pass even though I signed the waiver and I got too close to the paintings to take a picture). Then I went to Tiffany's dorms, where I met Mary, Tiffany's tall and beautiful friend who is best described as sincere. I was grateful to hear about her conversion this year. We ate at the cafeteria and put up bulletin boards for the incoming freshman. Then we went to the beach. (Tiffany, what is it called again? I never saw it written.) Mary went home for some RS lesson preparation; Tiffany and I went to her place and talked about all sorts of things. We both have remarked that it is strange to think we just met; we are definitely kindred spirits. Ryan picked us up to meet up with a lot of people later at someone's house. There were guitars constantly being played, popcorn to be eaten, and a lot of conversation. I talked to Jesse Swift (a guy who was at the beach and who does eye research in Boston), Kevin Knight (who just went on a nine-week trip through Europe and is getting his MBA at MIT), John (a guy I recognized from Utah), Rob, Michelle, Evie, Ryan, Darron, and Lucas. I got back to the YWCA at about 2.

Church the next morning: I saw Kevin and sat with him. A blinking light on the piano bugged both of us. We looked at it later and saw that it said, "Water" on it. Weird. Does anyone know what that means? I had to stand up and introduce myself after sacrament meeting. A few people spoke to me in German because of that. I met Tiffany and Mary's friend, Jonathan, who is indeed very nice, talented, and suave. I convinced Kevin, Darron, and Teppo (Kevin's roommate from Finland) to go to the Boston Public Garden. We had a three-hour conversation that was just wonderful. We got back to the church just in time for the YSA dinner, which is usually $3 (fight over that, people), but free for new people. However, I don't think I'll count it since I was busy talking to an old friend of mine (Kim Neff) who is on a mission in Boston and we missed the main dish. Jonathan said he wanted to hang out, but he never called Tiffany who was going to call me so I could call Jesse, Ryan, Kevin, and Teppo. Tiffany and I got together at Hope's house anyway. She gave me some spaghetti which was marvelous. I got back to the YWCA around 12.

Monday I enjoyed the Science Museum. I was there for several hours. During the Grand Canyon presentation in the omnitheater, I got a horrible headache and almost had to leave. I thought maybe it was just the show making me dizzy or something, but the headache waxed and waned the rest of the day. I almost fell asleep during the star show, but walking around was quite interesting. After that, I went to Cambridge to have dinner at Fire and Ice. There is only one meal there: you pick whatever you want and hand it to the cooks, who grill it and hand it back. It was wonderful. You don't have to pick out things you don't prefer. I was disappointed because I didn't have a student ID, so it was going to be $16. I was talking to the waitress about paying separately. After she left, I found out that Ryan had already paid for me. How nice! He drove me clear back to the Back Bay/South End on Saturday, and now this. Family Night involved making brownies and cards for the bishopric. Jonathan, Cody, Jesse, a kid whose name I forgot, Tiffany, Lucia, and I went to swim in Walden Pond, but we couldn't find a place to park. So we drove north to see Emerson's house, Louisa May Alcott's house, the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, the North Bridge. We ended up parking on the other side of Walden Pond and trying to hike through the dark woods (luckily the moon was almost full) to find it, but we just found the river. I got back to the YWCA around 1:30.

Tuesday, my last day in Boston! How tragic! I let my computer charge all night (yes the plug was outside the door) because I figured I'd get up early enough that no one would notice. I woke up at 5:50 so I could watch the sun rise from the top of the seven-floor building. It really was nice. I dragged my luggage to the Government Center and then to the eye research center where Jesse Swift was kind enough to let me see his office and store my luggage there. He even let me hold and look at stem cells from mice!

Teppo and I met up to go see the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a mansion filled with art by a rich lady who declared in her will that nothing was to be changed. Then we went to the North End for some Italian Food. We thought we were hungry enough to get two plates of the lunch special, but I ate about how much was left on Teppo's plate when he was done. It definitely was good, and I couldn't leave without getting a cannolli (sp?) and some lemon gellatto. Mmmm. Teppo and I talked and talked the whole day; never was there a dull moment. He sounds British to me, that's what I would have guessed if he hadn't told me he was Finnish. He is so nice, he even went with me to the Galleria mall to find some shoes. He was impressed with my shopping method. The airport story next . . .

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