16 August 2007

Mystery Contacts

I just typed all the phone numbers that I have in my phone into a Gmail draft to save for future use, since I won't be bringing my phone with me to Germany. There are certain people who I cannot remember. Like Stan. And Todd Sudweeks. These mystery people intrigue me. Oh, I just remembered who Todd Sudweeks is. Ha! But who is Stan? And Dan? And Devin? And Grover? And why have I kept them in my phone even after I ran out of room for more people?


  1. Grover?! That's funny.

    Yeah, I've got Sue. I don't know a Sue.

  2. I'm actually a little hurt that you don't remember me. I've been reading your blog faithfully since we met. I'll give you a hint: blue ice cream.

  3. I remember someone telling me that their name was spelled with an "I" instead of an "O," but I don't remember any specifics about Devin. But then again, I wonder if Devin is really a person who has faithfully been reading my blog. First off, I didn't tell him I had a blog and I doubt he'd remember my last name. Secondly, he didn't even sign in to Google, meaning anyone could make up their name as Devin. Lastly, what is with boys who give hints about food, thinking that will for sure tell you who they are? Scott all over again . . .