21 August 2007

The First Day of Travel

A combination of no sleep (okay, approximately 50 minutes) and avoidance of emotion over leaving family and friends made me a bit sick on the plane, but I was able to doze a bit anyway.

I caught up on my journal document. Let me just remark here that my Mac's battery is amazing! It's like the Energizer bunny or something.

I gaped out the window when we flew under the clouds towards Boston: trees grow densely everywhere! You see little dents in the forest where houses are, it's so thick.

Boston is so cool. This is my city!

After dragging around my carry-on, I realized there is more than one Church Street, and I happened to need the one in Everett. Everett is cute, don't get me wrong (I would know, I saw the whole thing because I missed the stop and had to go all the way around again), but it's not Boston. There are some hardcore accents up here. I thought this girl must be from a different country, but nope! I can't wait to go back tomorrow morning and start exploring. This is going to be awesome! There's nothing like getting lost in a cool city.

Ya know, I don't think I'm even going to go out and find some dinner. I'm just going to make plans for tomorrow and go to bed. Chocolate slim fast, a granola bar, a bite of mint chocolate, and a cup of water is enough for today. I must admit that I want to protest the fact that there is only coffee tomorrow morning. What about people like me?

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