24 August 2007

City Noises

In the darkness of the night, I wasn't able to see how to close my window. In fact, it looked to me like there was a part of the window that was just screen and it was stuck that way (I wondered how cold it would be in the winter). This morning around 6, the city woke up and freaked out. People were yelling, police were driving by with their sirens on, and trucks were beeping while backing up for what seemed like ages. Each time a big, loud truck drove by, just when I thought the noise couldn't possibly get any louder, it did! Wowee, I thought I was a city girl, but apparently I am a suburb girl. I do remember it being noisy in Kiel, and I got used to it. Anyway, the whole point of this post is that I finally stopped trying to plug my ears with my pinkies (when you relax they fall out anyway) and I got up. A few minutes later I decided to have a look at the window and saw that indeed it does close, you just have to open the bottom, reach outside, and close the top. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.


  1. Go to the nearest pharmacy and buy some earplugs. That's what we did in London.

  2. After I figured out how to close my window, it wasn't overbearingly loud anymore. In fact, I even slept just fine with the TV down the hall going all night. That could be attributed to the fact that I was at a party until way late.