18 July 2007

Spider Spray

So, spider spray. Although it is my favorite spider-fighting tool, it freaks me out. It's nice that someone thought to make it smell better than it used to, but now I dread its smell. Somewhere in that mind of mine, I figure anything that can kill a spider (some of them monstrously large) in less than a minute must not be good for me to inhale. The problem is, the smell takes a while to clear. When it's in my bathroom, that's fine. I just turn on the fan and close the door for a while. But when it's in my room and I'm about to go to sleep, that's no fun! Usually, in my own room, I prefer to smash because of the smell, but I just reacted quickly last night (and, thinking back, I couldn't have smashed it where it was anyway). I tried to sleep with a blanket over my mouth and nose, trying not to picture crawling spiders or shrinking alveoli or dead brain cells . . .

You know, I really ought to go back and label all my blog entries just so that I can see how many of them have to do with me hating spiders.

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