06 July 2007

Good News!

I received the following email:

Dear Ms. Glauser,

Thank you for your mail. I am sorry, but someone must have given youthe wrong information. I will be teaching a lecture course on"American Modernism" in the Winter Semester (focuses primarily onAmerican literature between the two World Wars). And theinterdisciplinary seminar I will be teaching in the Spring will alsodeal with the nineteenth or the twentieth century. I have also beenteaching a "Lektürekurs" during the past semesters (entitled "Hot Offthe Press" )in which we study new literary and cultural trends in the US (see the section "Vorträge und Veranstaltungen" on the Homepage of the Anglistisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg for a program of the course.) I wish you good luck with your choice.

Dietmar Schloss

I replied, asking if there were other classes offered by other professors with similar subjects. I hope so! P.S. This guy went to Harvard.

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