22 June 2007


I'm unwanted. It won't be hard for me to be replaced/forgotten when I leave.


  1. Actually, every day we mention more things we are going to miss when you're gone. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, because if I say I'm not sure I want you to go, you think I don't want you to have any adventures. If I act too excited, then you think I can't wait for you to leave. If I say nothing, you think I don't care. And if I say I'll miss you, you say "no you won't". So, I feel short of options - so how about just the plain old truth. I am a little nervous about your going - what mother wouldn't be - especially when chances are that I won't get to see you for a very long time (kind of like a mission). But at the same time, I'm thrilled for all the possibilities for you. I am excited for you even though I know the house will seem much more empty with you gone. I will miss you, but I will keep in better touch than when you were in Germany before (if you'll allow me). I love you and care for you and want you to be happy! XOXOXOXO, mom