18 June 2007

Nestle's Birthdogday

Today is my sister Heidi's dog's third birthday. Or the day Heidi picked as her birthday. In tribute to the whiney dog that is often overlooked, I want to say:

Nestle, I hope you like that I started to actually sometimes take you with me when I jog even though you seem too wimpy to run with compared to Kota.

Nestle, I still think you look like an Egyptian cat dog, but it's great that you'll sit sometimes when I tell you to.

Nestle, I hope you realize that when I jog painfully slow to get you to use all four legs and I continuously bend down to pull on your bum leg, it's for your own good.

Nestle, I'm sorry for all the times I fake out you and Kota by tapping on the door so I can see you. Sometimes viewing dogs is better than touching because of fur, smell, and slobber.

Nestle, you are now old enough in dog years to start drinking. Not that I would suggest it. All the other things you have shred in the yard probably have gotten enough harmful things in you.

Nestle, you will pass me up in dog years shortly, but that doesn't mean you are wiser than I. It does mean that you should stop arguing with Kota all the time (haven't you noticed all the notches you've got in your cat ears?).

Nestle, happy birthday.


  1. hilarious. now if only you could teach Nestle to read.

  2. I'm shocked. Michelle, did you pay your library fines?