01 June 2007

Idaho Trip So Far

Fortunately, Fabiola let me use her internet. Here's a quick update:

1. I made it to Pocatello just fine, even though the rental car has no CD or tape player. I am now a pro radio surfer. Andrew and I went to Winger's for lunch (holy cow, the sticky finger wrap is amazing), then I helped him detail a car for a guy he's working for. It is obvious to me that he is a brilliant renaissance man. We joked about trying to find something he doesn't like to do, but we found one: washing windows. He's a hard worker and he and his family are so nice. Andrew let me borrow his car charger, but I don't think we'll be near any cars.

2. I made it to Boise just fine, after driving through some cow town that smelled so bad. I found the art museum in charming downtown Boise, but it was closed, so I made my way to the temple. It is one of those weird Russian missile-looking ones, but the people inside were so nice. I completely forgot that temples outside of Utah have scheduled baptisms, but they were able to sneak me in with a Young Women's group. All of the temple workers asked me about where I was from, which led me to why I was here, which led them to tell all sorts of stories about river rafting, such as when the guy's foot was tied to the cans of pop by the Scouts (instead of the kayak paddle) . . . The dressing room was the most disorganized one I've ever seen. Anyway, I read some really cool scriptures while I was there. Then I went to Fabiola's house. It is in a nice subdivision where all the houses look the same. She has a nice room and shares a kitchen and living room. It was so great to see her and catch up with her. We could have talked all night, but we finally went to sleep so she could wake up for work. I'll be going to the art museum in an hour and a half, then I'll head up to Lewiston.

3. Either I'm extremely allergic to Idaho or I'm extremely allergic to these cherries. Or both.

4. I'm getting especially excited for the charter plane ride over the river. This is going to be awesome!

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  1. Allergies are lame, but I'm glad you are having an adventure.