03 May 2007

Recent Fortune Cookie Fortunes

So, I decided to share some of the fortunes I have gotten out of cookies recently. They are always good for some introspection. I enjoy the ones that actually predict something or encourage you in a direction, rather than giving a statement that is nothing new, such as, "You are crazy."

"Your dream will soon come true."
"Your dream will soon come true."
"Your dream will soon come true."
(Yeah, that's not a mistake, I got three of them! Does that mean three separate dreams will come true, or is it just extra testimony to the fact that my dream will soon come true? What dream?)

"Don't give up what you are doing, you will succeed."
"Trust him, but still keep your eyes open."

And, my favorite:
"You would make an excellent critic in anything that peaks your interest!" That sounds like an intellectual to me.

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