23 May 2007

My Chapstick Endeavor

I am the first to admit that I am a chapstick addict, but not just to any chapstick. I am firmly attached to my belief that the best and only Michelle-approved kind of chapstick is the Natural Ice with the red cap (previously known as Cherry Ice, which has a better flow, I agree).

Unfortunately, I have come across several hundred (okay, maybe just 20 or so) unused chapsticks. As a cheapskate and an anti-waster, I can't bear to just throw them away. I have put my Natural Ice on sabbatical in order to use up these smelly waxes that just don't do the job the same way. Currently, I am toting a vanilla-scented type that hasn't been too bad, except for the smell and the number of times I have to put it on to convince my lips they're going to survive.

Here's to the makers of Natural Ice: may they live long and prosper and get Natural Ice to all stores in all parts of the world.

Here's to Santa: thanks for all the previous years and please keep up the habit of putting a few Natural Ices with the red caps into my stockings to last me through the year.


  1. Clearly Santa likes you better than the rest of us. Did you notice how the year when there were only 2 Natural Ices to be found in the whole Wasatch Front, your stocking had both of them, and we all got cheap imitations?

  2. Hey, they weren't cheap!

    The original is still a major pain in the wazoo to find! I think we need to send the posts on this topic to the Natural Ice people themselves (and make a plug for going back to Cherry before the Ice)!

    As for Santa - he likes you all - he just knew who was the biggest "Ice" addict! Hey, maybe that's why Michelle is having more trouble than usual sleeping - withdrawal! Bring on the real stuff!

    Love and kisses!