06 May 2007

Hopes and Dreams and Smitherines

I was hoping something in stake conference this weekend would give me some comfort or some answers. I must just be too closed off now, because I thought some stories were interesting, but none of it touched me the way I thought it should have. There are moments of intense feeling about nothing in particular, and then the rest of the time is just the numbness of nothingness.

I did, however:

finish One True Thing. Fabulous read. Just fabulous. Thanks to Amy for the suggestion.

start Dr. Zhivago. Those Russian novels have names that really get to me. They have like three different official names, then they have nicknames that I cannot possibly tie with their real names. I am maybe twenty pages in and I turn to the character chart at the front every time it names someone.

think that Elder and Sister Osguthorpe were really nice, especially since each time he got up to speak, he invited his wife to speak for a few minutes. That is respect.

guess the new stake president.

meet Sister Osguthorpe.

shake Elder Russel M. Nelson's hand.

shake Wendy Watson Nelson's hand.

have an interesting conversation with Bob Ligget about Church corporate culture and missionaries who don't really want to work.

see Uncle Scott's new fixer-upper house in Pepperwood. It is humongous. The office is my favorite. It has floor-to-ceiling book shelves with the classy sliding ladder, lots of windows and glass doors, and a piano. Wow. He's planning on doing a lot of work and selling it for several hundred thousand more than he bought it for.

rage about the twenty minutes I spent looking for that card for Daniel that has disappeared after Thursday's attempt to deliver it.

get myself to go to game night, where Tanya and I lost in Perudo.

visit Scott, who, in my opinion, needs to end a relationship, the sooner the better.

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