29 May 2007

Hell's Canyon

Hell's Canyon, here I come! A wonderful sister who served at the FHL is letting me take the open spot in her family's Hell's Canyon river rafting trip, which includes tents, food, boats, guides, everything! I am so excited!

On the way, I'm stopping at two friends' houses (one in Pocatello, one in Boise). On the way back, I was going to swing over to Seattle, Astoria, and Portland, but it looks now like there won't be time. Mom: celebrate to yourself. (She was mad at me for saying I would be driving alone and sleeping in the car.) Does anyone have a car they want to donate for the trip? (I'm looking at rentals.)

Tanya: we have to go to Washington, Oregon, Chicago, and New York! You had better get some days off!

1 comment:

  1. Concerned, not mad! I love you like crazy and hope the river trip is fantastic!