30 May 2007

Cultural Wednesday with Tanya and Michelle

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered (to my horror) that I have no photos of or with my best friend Tanya! AAAAAAH! So, we've decided to take more whenever we hang out. We have photos of things we did together, but somehow we didn't end up in any of them. I feel like a dork taking a lot of pictures of myself. I have a brother who takes pictures of himself everywhere, doing anything. And a lot of them you can tell that he was just holding the camera out and it looks funny.

Tonight, Tanya and I went to the Beehive Tea House (photo included, especially pixellated, just for you and the family computer), a really hip, happenin' place, where we ordered pastry scones (ginger and currant) and tea smoothies (peach and mango). AMAZING.

Then we went from store to store at The Gateway: Banana Republic, the Mac Store, Forever 21, Virgin Records, and Barnes and Noble. My favorite part was listening to international music. As soon as my holds list gets below 10, I'm going to put Indian, Malaysian, and Cuban music on hold.

Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a while. I'm going to Hell's Canyon despite the stupid rental car policies, outrageous prices, and the lack of generosity from certain family members.


  1. Just bring your crackberry with you on your trip...that way you can stay in touch :)

  2. So Tanya does actually exist! I was beginning to think she was an imaginary friend, since you never showed us any pics. On the otherhand, maybe the girl with you in this picture was someone random sitting next to you. Or maybe you photoshopped yourself into a picture with a beautiful girl you'll call "Tanya."