11 May 2007

Beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful! After a flight and layover that seemed too long (probably just because I was so anxious), I arrived safely in San Jose. The airport is actually outside of the city by a bit, so I didn't get to see San Jose. That will be the last evening before I fly out.

Anyway, I can't believe I'm finally here! It is so cool to be in an internet cafe near the Arenal volcano, which is the first volcano I've ever seen. Everything here is so lush. The weather is muggy, but I love being constantly warm. The moist air makes you feel kind of sweaty and gross, but everything is so vibrant, I don't mind too much (give me a few days). Dinner was pretty cheap, at least as far as I could tell, and I'm not sure what it was, but it resembled a burrito, just with less processed food. So far I've just seen the roads (yes, they are as terrible as I've heard) the volcano, and the lake near the volcano (in the picture for your enjoyment). I've secured a bed in this tree house place, which is about 8 dollars per night. I decided to pack lighter than I ever have before, which makes it easy to get around and not be tied to any hotels. I am so excited for tomorrow morning. I will be hiking to a waterfall and taking a zipline over the jungle!

Even though I'm pretty shy about talking to people when I'm alone and travelling, I actually met some people whose itinerary is pretty similar to mine. They didn't know about Jaco's black beaches, but it sounds like we may be travelling together from now on, which will make things a lot more fun, I think. I'll tell you more about them later, for now, just know that there are two guys and a girl, and they are from Boston.

Well, I'd better be off! I hope you're all very jealous of this vacation of mine, because if you haven't noticed yet, I am too. Perhaps June?

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