18 April 2007

Utah Symphony at the Tabernacle

Tanya went with me to the Utah Symphony tribute to the Tabernacle reopening. The first part was the musical story of Job, really interesting. The second and last part was a symphony by Saint Saens. I was rather disappointed. Elementary scales and tasteless organ belches following lovely measures of violins, flutes, and trumpets. Each instrument had its turn, then they played together nicely, and then the organ would BWUUUUUUG the same chord that all those instruments had played.

Something about the symphony really threw me off. I thought a lot about the FHL. I knew that there had to be at least twenty missionaries from the Library there. I wondered about all the FHL stuff and how I felt like I now had something to get past. I considered that maybe the reason all those people were stalled in their lives and messed up at the Library was because they work there. I thought about how even the people who were really great were hard to talk to because they were connected to the Library. I had this desire to be able to look at it and appreciate the lessons I learned, to realize how much I loved my job, to know that I made some kind of difference and no longer have connected negative feelings.

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