28 April 2007

Super Wide Screen

When I bought my laptop, I didn't realize that 17 inches was wide. (Yeah, I did some really good consumer research . . .) I don't want something so bulky, but I'm stuck with it. Favorite photographs become taffy to the desktop background. Websites are unusually wide. Best of all, my Mozilla has decided to go crazy. My shortcuts, Google toolbar, and other fancy options have disappeared (including the mood ring), and a long, gray box fills a portion of the bottom of the window.

Unfortunately, this gray box makes everything yet wider. The shape of each page is more like a panorama picture--you know, one of those long skinny ones they took of your high school class that fits no where and that you wonder what to do with. I'll measure it to give you an idea. The window is as high as my pinky to my pointer finger and as wide as two hand spans.

Fix my Mozilla and receive a free three-minute look at a burned-up piece of nylon. Or, a log of marzipan. Or, just my appreciation. I already tried re-installing (thanks, Bryce.).

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