12 April 2007

Princeton Pride

So I just was driving to my credit union and ended up behind a real junker of a car. I noticed that it had a big Princeton sticker on the back windshield. My thought process:

"If they went to Princeton, where'd they end up to get a car like that?"

"Maybe they're just a fan of Princeton."

"I hope if I went to Princeton that I'd make enough to have at least a newer car than that."

"I had a professor who went there. She was crazy, but I learned a lot."

"What if that person is just a cheapskate? Am I going to end up in a car like that since I'm a cheapskate, too?"

1 comment:

  1. Maybe the Princeton sticker was placed there by the original owner when the car was new, and it's never been removed by the following four owners.