29 April 2007

Perhaps It Will All Catch Up Some Day

Another generation gap?:

My neighbor offered to buy us "a snack" at McDonald's. I said I'd have a pie. She said, "Really?" as if that was surprising.

Then she told us it would be more like lunch, so I asked for a cheeseburger in addition to one of those pies. She asked me how I stayed so thin, and I was shocked that an incomplete meal seemed like a lot to her.

As she was ordering, she turned and asked me what I wanted to drink.
I said, "Chocolate milk," feeling proud that she could see that I ordered healthy drinks. She exclaimed out loud at that. "Wow, Michelle!"

Is that a lot? I didn't think it was. She ordered a water and a tiny filet sandwich and took off the top bun to reduce calories. The girl in back got a water and a parfait. I wonder what they'd do if they saw what we just had for Sunday dinner.

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