29 April 2007

Living Prophet

I talked to the prophet of the Lord today. Face to face. We were on our way out of the temple and he came walking down the hall. President Gordon B. Hinckley, with a cane in one hand and a security guard in the other. I smiled at them and said, "Happy Saturday!" This girl was trying to squeeze through since we had stopped to see him. I said, "President Hinckley is behind you. Turn around!" President Hinckley asked us how we were and if we were going to the sealing. We told him we had just done baptisms and he said, "It's a great work." We smiled at each other for a minute, then he lumbered off to seal someone.


  1. So cool. I taught sharing time today about "My faith in Jesus Christ grows when I hear the testimony of the apostles and prophets." I know it went well because I felt the Spirit during it. Anyhow I showed the last 5 minutes of Special Witnesses of Christ. I love hearing President Hinckley's testimony.

  2. That is a cool experience. It's amazing the spirit those men carry. I remember not even seeing him come in the Conference Center but feeling his presence and then everyone stood up and then I saw him. That feeling and that knowledge puts things in perspective.