13 April 2007

The Last FHL Limerick For Me

So I got an email from a regular patron at the FHL! He was always helpful with research (he's a professional genealogist--any big researcher would recognize his name), supportive of Access Services, good at giving advice, and fun to talk to. He liked to read the newsletter that I wrote. A lot of people know him as "the guy who wears the headphones," because he doesn't like noise while working. Every now and then he'd bring these comics about library-related stuff to each window so we could have a laugh. He was the one who taught me about consanguinity. It's really good to hear from someone. He even included my last limerick (we were talking about the Deseret News limerick contest once, and he wrote one about me writing the newsletter). Here is the email (I didn't put his name in case he wants to remain anonymous on here).

Access Services Michelle
Has left the FHL
without saying goodbye
and it's made us all cry
but we surely do wish her well!


Thanks for getting that last copy of the FHLASH to me! I have been noticing
people disappear lately, but since you were behind the scenes so much, just
thought that I hadn't seen you when you were on the floor.

Thanks for brightening my experiences (and that of many others) at the FHL!

With very best wishes,

The Patron

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