25 April 2007

It's About Time

I realized that a lot of my thoughts have been about time recently.

1. I do not usually look at the hour hand on clocks. Think about it. Most of the time, you know what hour it is. You just need to know what minute it is. I thought this was a normal habit, but I assume that the laughter I've received when explaining, the people wondering what I mean when I say, "Pick me up at 19," and my family making fun of my watch that I never turned back to MST after I returned from Germany means that most people actually look at the hour. Only once have I misjudged the hour, and it was on the first day of a new term. I forgot to go to my institute class and went to work instead. Fabiola told me that I was an hour early, so that was that.

2. Although my prepotency includes knowing the hour at most times, it does not extend to days. Or months, sometimes. How many times have I accidentally missed deadlines? Wow. Just today, I discovered that there was one on April 16th. Oh bother.

3. The word "timing." I don't like it. People tend to use it as a polite way to give an excuse, or as a way to avoid giving the real reason (similar, but not the same!). In Mormon culture, "timing" usually refers to marriage, but I've noticed it's usually when they've skipped to thinking about marriage too early. They forget about the dating part. After my failed engagement, every person I talked to said, "Oh, the timing must be bad." Yeah, but that didn't mean I should wait around for him until the timing got better. I learned to just smile and nod. So, now. Three years later. A lot of time has passed. Timing may look like it's bad, or inconvenient. But perhaps it is really absolutely perfect. Perhaps you are going to miss your chance if you don't act.

4. Time flies when you're doing nothing. And when you're doing a lot. In short, it just flies. Except, of course, when you want it to pass. Such as if you were waiting for a cruise to come around before you moved in a new direction.

5. It's time for a nap.

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